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Our Criminal Defense Practice represents individuals and corporate clients who have become subject to criminal and quasi-criminal investigations. We represent clients in federal courts throughout the United States and in state, municipal and juvenile courts in New Jersey and New York.

We represent clients charged with felonies, indictable offenses, misdemeanors, and disorderly persons’ offenses. Often most importantly, we provide effective representation before charges are filed, responding to grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), and other administrative inquiries. We have successfully persuaded federal and state prosecutors not to charge clients who have received grand jury subpoenas or who have been called in for interviews. We have obtained conditional discharges and pretrial intervention diversionary programs for our clients.

While our goal is to help our clients avoid being charged at all, we are prepared to fight to ensure that they are not taken advantage of by the government if they are charged. Our extensive trial experience together with a willingness and ability to try difficult cases often leads to extracting better deals from the government than might otherwise be offered. Our lawyers have tried many criminal cases and are prepared to defend our clients at trial when necessary.

We have worked on many types of cases in federal and state court, involving United States Attorney’s Offices, County Prosecutors, District Attorneys, state Attorneys General, and Municipal Prosecutors, as well as administrative and licensing agencies. These cases have included the following issues among others:

  • Health Care Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Tax Fraud and Evasion
  • Securities Fraud
  • SEC & FINRA Investigations
  • Insider Trading
  • Bank Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Medicare & Medicaid Fraud and Billing Issues
  • Prescription Fraud & Illegal Sale of Prescription Drugs
  • Government Program Fraud
  • Commercial Fraud
  • RICO and Racketeering Offenses
  • Organized Crime
  • Union Corruption
  • Extortion and Bribery
  • Political Corruption
  • Official Misconduct
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Forfeiture and Freeze Orders
  • Homicide and Assault
  • Ethics Investigations
  • Sex Offenses
  • Subpoena Compliance
  • Marijuana and Paraphernalia Offenses
  • Narcotics, Drugs and CDS Distribution, Trafficking & Possession, including Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy & LSD
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Computer & Cyber Crimes, including Computer Intrusion, Hacking, Harassment and Cyberbullying
  • Burglary and Unlawful Receipt of Stolen Property
  • Theft and Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft and Document Fraud
  • False Claims Act Cases
  • Terrorism-Related Offenses

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  • Our firm is proud of the results it has achieved for clients, some of which are noted here. Of course, each legal matter is unique on many levels, and past successes are not a guarantee of results in any other pending or future matters.
  • Obtained a favorable result for two prominent doctors from New Jersey who were indicted by the Attorney General’s Office of New Jersey for healthcare fraud, committing bribery, and acting as a runner for medical providers. In the initial round of pre-trial motions, the defense obtained a dismissal of healthcare fraud and acting as a runner charges. Ultimately, the defense persuaded the office of Attorney General to permit the doctor involved to be accepted into the Pre-Trial Intervention Program which resulted in the ultimate dismissal of the commercial bribery charge – without any admission of guilt or culpability by the doctor involved. At all times, each doctor steadfastly maintained his innocence.
  • Successfully represented on appeal a prominent doctor who had been convicted of two criminal charges involving unlawful sexual contact with a patient. Although this firm did not serve as trial counsel, it was established before the Appellate Division that the doctor in question did not receive a fair trial and the conviction was reversed
  • Obtained not guilty verdicts on all charges in a vehicular homicide case arising out of a fatal accident in the Lincoln Tunnel in which the evidence demonstrated that the client’s car was traveling at 91 mph at the moment of the crash. The jury accepted the client’s defense that he suffered a serious medical episode inside the tunnel that rendered him unconscious in the moments leading up to the accident.
  • Successfully represented a former Bergen County Democratic Chairman in a federal prosecution.
  • Represented a mayor who pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with his duties as mayor. At sentencing the defense persuaded the Federal Court Sentencing Judge to grant the mayor a downward variance from a maximum 57 months to a sentence of 27 months. Advocating the otherwise unblemished background of the mayor and the extensive mitigating factorings involving his charitable endeavors, the lesser sentence was imposed.
  • Represented former professional basketball player in connection with an unintentional shooting at his house.
  • Represented a physician in a federal prosecution for allegedly receiving kickbacks from a laboratory-services provider.
  • Represented a foreign national in a federal prosecution relating to a large multinational hacking and identity theft prosecution
  • Representation of doctors accused of improper billing practices and health care fraud in federal court.
  • Representation of an individual in a tele-health company accused of health care fraud and a kickback scheme in federal court.
  • Representation of a doctor in a federal health care fraud case related to kickbacks from blood lab.
  • Obtained a probationary sentence for defendant in a commercial kickback scheme.
  • Successfully represented a mortgage bank and a principal from the bank accused of participating in a real estate Ponzi scheme.
  • Successfully represented a mortgage broker accused of falsifying loan documents for various borrowers who obtained mortgages from lenders.
  • Successfully represented a mortgage broker accused of unfair lending practices in a foreclosure proceeding.
  • Successfully represented an inmate on an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in a suit challenging, among other things, a prison policy that required all isolation inmates to be strip searched every eight hours, regardless of whether they had any opportunity to obtain contraband. In a precedential decision, the unanimous panel held that “the particular search policy . . . is not reasonably related to [the prison’s] legitimate interests in detecting and deterring contraband, particularly given the significant intrusiveness of the thrice-daily visual body-cavity searches.
  • Representation of medical practices and other health care providers with regard to investigations by the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office and the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller, Medicaid Fraud Division, as well as the New York State Attorney General’s Office.
  • Representation of a former CEO of a tech company in an SEC investigation.
  • Representation of a defendant in a federal securities fraud and tax evasion case containing allegations of approximately $200 million of loss.
  • Representation of an Orthodox rabbi accused of kidnapping husbands to force them to grant a divorce to their estranged wives, involving a federal trial lasting approximately three months and argument before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals relating to the suppression of certain cell site location data.
  • Representation and advice to companies on various compliance issues and recovery of seized funds.
  • Representation of a defendant in a federal terrorism case.
  • Representation of various clients in income tax evasion cases, including an entertainer, a CPA, and a restaurant owner.
  • Representation of a former teacher in a case involving allegations of sexual relations with an underaged former student.
  • Representation of a defendant in a federal Ponzi scheme fraud case.

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