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Hayden: A ‘Win for Menendez’


Defense attorney Joe Hayden of Pashman Stein Walder Hayden sized up the hung jury declaration by Judge William Walls as a clear win for Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Hayden told InsiderNJ that when a client survives a nine-week-long criminal trial and a jury can’t reach a judgment on any of the counts against him, that’s a win.

“The presumption of innocence held on each and every one of the 18 counts,” said the veteran defense attorney. “He was innocent in September when this trial started, and he’s innocent today.”

Hayden said after the dust settles from the trial, the Department of Justice will have to decide if this case is worth the enormous extension of resources.

“The decision will rest,” Hayden said.  “Is the game worth the candle?”

Hayden praised the defense team.

“The strategic decision by Abbe Lowell and Ray Brown focused on elements of events that the state couldn’t prove,” h said. “They found their high ground and they stuck to it.”

Hayden also noted Menendez’s fiber through the course of the trial.

“What I find remarkable is Senator Menendez’s mental toughness. It takes a tough person to do that,” the attorney said.

Full story:  Insider NJ

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