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Access Begins With A Valid OPRA Request

Each month, we receive dozens of inquiries from people who are upset that their OPRA requests were denied. The most frequent basis for denial is that the request is invalid as written. Although there are records custodians who will happily work with the requestor to fulfill a less-than-perfect request, other custodians will quickly deny any request that does not strictly comply with OPRA's requirements. A valid OPRA request is thus the critical first step to obtaining public records and it is important to draft a request that follows some basic guidelines.… Read more

10 Tips for Co-Parenting Through the Holidays

Consider your children's needs first and foremost. This is #1 on the list for a reason. Everyone has expectations in celebrating the holidays. Shared parenting time during the festivities can result in frustrated expectations if the schedule doesn't coincide with your desired plans.… Read more

The Odyssey of Rudolph Eisner

In this era of per curium opinions and the predictable life cycle of a case from birth to split baby, it can be hard to find inspiration. As a corrective, or maybe just a nostalgic interlude, I offer the odyssey of one Rudolph Eisner, solo practitioner.… Read more

IMPEACHMENT: It Is About Time For Dems To Close It Down And Take The Case To The Jury

Occasionally, during a trial a dramatic event occurs which makes a trial lawyer's case as strong as it is going to get. This can happen during cross-examination or during the testimony of a substantive witness. When it happens, the jury will be on the edge of their seats and you can hear a pin drop in the court room. Whenever this rare moment of truth occurs, the seasoned trial lawyer knows it is time to close it down and get to the jury as fast as possible – no matter how many additional questions are left to be asked or how many other witnesses are left to be examined. Get to the jury before the power of the evidence fades.… Read more