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Joseph A. Hayden, Jr. Quoted Extensively in InsiderNJ Article


Joseph A. Hayden, Jr., Co-chair of the Criminal Defense and Investigations practices at Pashman Stein Walder Hayden P.C., was interviewed by InsiderNJ for an article titled “Trump Indicted in 2020 Election Probe: Hayden Breaks it Down." Hayden discusses Donald Trump’s recent indictment by a federal grand jury for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

We have an historic indictment of a president indicted for acts allegedly committed while he was still President of the United States. The charges constitute the most significant criminal prosecution brought in the history of the United States, because the conspiracy charged could well have brought us to the end of the electoral process and the end of democracy,” said Hayden.

Donald Trump, like every citizen, is entitled to be presumed innocent and the government must prove beyond its case a reasonable doubt. Anyone who has followed these investigations should read the indictment because Smith sets forth in devastating detail what he intends to prove. [Special Counsel] Jack Smith believes he has a very strong case. It is going to be tried in D.C. Hopefully they have a judge who’s going to move it fast. It was a major strategic choice to indict Donald Trump alone. He can’t use co-defendants to attempt to delay the case, and he can’t hide behind co-defendants at trial and cast blame at others.

I believe it was inevitable that he would be indicted once they indicted and convicted for conspiracy the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, for how do you indict the foot soldiers and middle managers and not indict the kingpin? It was Donald Trump who was desperately trying to stay in office. He knew he lost but refused to accept it because he wanted to play by his rules. People refusing to accept the legitimacy of the indictments are almost operating in an alternative legal universe. But there is no choice but to go forward on a solid case. Smith had to bring these charges. The other cases involved allegations of criminality. This case involves an assault on our democratic process,” said Hayden.

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