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Pro Bono

We encourage and support our attorneys to help pro bono clients. We give credit towards billable hour guidelines for work on pro bono projects.

We have purposefully endeavored to become one of the go-to law firms for high impact pro bono policy litigations. In that regard, we are at the forefront on issues connected to government transparency, free speech, and the integration of our State’s public schools. Our commitment to this work allows us to send a message both internally and externally that the practice of law is more than just a business. We believe it is our responsibility as lawyers and as a law firm to lean in, contribute to the public good, and give back. We believe this commitment serves as a source of pride to our employees and it furthers our objective to build an institution that will endure.

The firm also encourages its attorneys to become actively involved in academic, civic, cultural, political, and religious organizations that interest them. As a result, most of our attorneys are currently serving in leadership positions within various organizations throughout the area.

Our attorneys have become leaders in bar associations, philanthropic organizations, and served on the Boards of various education institutions. They have been appointed to state and local boards, councils and commissions and have been elected to public offices.