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Justice Gary S. Stein (Ret.) Quoted in Regarding N.J. School Segregation Lawsuit


Justice Gary S. Stein (Ret.) was quoted in the article “N.J. defends ‘segregated’ school system in court. Will its case hold up?” The article discusses the recent arguments on a motion for summary judgement in the pending school segregation case against the State of New Jersey claiming that persistent segregation has violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey’s students. 

The plaintiffs are asking [State Superior Court Judge Robert T.] Lougy for a summary judgment that de facto segregation exists in New Jersey schools. That ruling would then allow both sides to work together on a remedy, said former state Supreme Court Justice Gary Stein, who helped spearhead the legal challenge.

Lougy’s decision on the motion will likely take weeks, if not longer, Stein said.

The goal is not mandatory busing or forced acceptance of students from other school districts, Stein said. Instead, the plaintiffs hope to achieve an array of options that include regional magnet schools or voluntary transfer programs that allow students in predominantly minority districts to attend other schools.

An integrated education is beneficial for students all of races, Stein said.

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