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Barry Evenchick's Letter to Editor Regarding Publication of Books by Controversial Figures Published in New York Times


Barry Evenchick’s Letter to Editor regarding publication of books by controversial figures was published in New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “When the Right Writes, a Storm for Publishers” (front page, April 28):

So now we read that a number of employees of Simon & Schuster have petitioned management of the company to cancel a commitment to publish two books by former Vice President Mike Pence, apparently because of disagreement with Mr. Pence’s political views. Jonathan Karp, the chief executive of the company, has declined the request, pointing out that it “runs counter to the very core of our mission to publish a diversity of voices and perspectives.”

We should be grateful for Mr. Karp’s response. It embodies the very essence of freedom of the press and the First Amendment. It would indeed be a sad day in our country if books by persons deemed by some as politically controversial or objectionable were denied publication. We need not agree with them, but may we never refuse to allow their voices to be heard or their opinions considered.

Barry H. Evenchick
South Orange, N.J.
The writer is a lawyer and former deputy attorney general of New Jersey.

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