CJ Griffin Quoted in Star Ledger Editorial Encouraging Passage of Bill Creating Civilian Complaint Review Boards with Subpoena Power and Bill Permitting Public Access of Police Disciplinary Records.

The article encourages passage of two bills that address police reform and accountability: one permitting creation of civilian complaint review boards (CCRBs) for every town in New Jersey, and the other permitting public access to police disciplinary records. With respect to the bill permitting the creation of CCRBs, the editorial notes the bill limits CCRB investigations to those triggered by civilian complaints only, but not internal complaints.… Read more

CJ Griffin Quoted in NJ.Com Article on Need to Disclose More Information Regarding Major Discipline Received by Police Officer Subsequently Sued for Use of Excessive Force

ated N.J. cop faces an excessive force suit. He has a history of violent allegations." In connection with a lawsuit brought against several police officers for use of excessive force, the article notes that NJ Advance Media was able to ascertain that one of the officers received a major discipline in 2020 in connection with off duty conduct that resulted in the damage of property at a business. The public has a right to know the nature of the incident that led to… Read more