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New Jersey to Issue 6 New Medical Dispensary Licenses

Currently, there are six alternative treatment centers (aka medical marijuana dispensaries) in New Jersey, but that number is soon to double. On July 16, 2018, the New Jersey Department of Health Division of Medicinal Marijuana issued a Request for Applications for up to six more medical dispensaries. The six licenses will be divided evenly throughout the state: two in the northern region, two in central region, and two in the southern region.… Read more

Latest Mueller Indictment Lands Body Blow to White House

Mueller's 28-page indictment on Friday charged 12 Russian military intelligence officers with an orchestrated plan to hack the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee in order to interfere with a free and fair election and obstruct and sabotage the campaign of Hillary Clinton.… Read more

Borough Invokes Automatic Fee for OPRA Requests

The Borough of Flemington has made the news recently when it voted to impose an automatic special service charge on all OPRA requests that the Custodian estimates will take over two hours to fulfill. When the Custodian receives such a request, she will provide an estimate to the requestor who will then have to pay one-third of the costs in advance.… Read more

Cohen Probably Weighing His Options More than Anything

Speculation has been rampant among those in the media and the political world for the past 24-hours about unrefuted news stories that Michael Cohen, President Trump's long-time personal "lawyer," is about to switch lawyers and whether or not this switch is a signal that he will plead guilty to some charges and incriminate Trump. Before people take too long a lead off first base on this sensational possibility, however, the circumstances suggest to me that Cohen is more likely weighing his options rather than already having crossed the Rubicon.… Read more