Sean Mack, co-chair of the Cannabis & Hemp Law practice, and co-chair of the Litigation practice, at Pashman Stein Walder Hayden, was featured in a Q&A with Cheryl Miller in the Higher Law column on regarding New Jersey’s recent legislation regarding marijuana.

Please see below for excerpts from the conversation.

Higher Law: What are the key takeaways from these new laws?

Mack: This is transformative legislation. It's creating a whole new, potentially multibillion-dollar industry that's going to impact every area of legal profession. Obviously, regulatory law ...

From: Cannabis Business Executive, click here to view the full article.

Four days before NJ Governor Murphy signed into law legislation creating an adult use cannabis industry in New Jersey, a NJ appellate court issued a decision on February 18, 2021 resolving initial appeals from a 2019 round of medical marijuana license applications.  The decision allows that 2019 round of applications to move forward after significant delay, but more importantly for people interested in applying for an adult use license, the decision provides the first judicial guidance on a few common ...

After a series of delays, Governor Murphy signed into law today legislation first passed by the state legislature on December 17, 2020 to create an adult use cannabis industry in the state.  We previously highlighted many aspects of the law here. Under the law (and subject to possible extension), a newly forming Cannabis Regulatory Commission has until August 21, 2021 to issue initial rules and open the first application window for licenses for the new adult use cannabis industry.  The race to be ready for submitting applications is now officially on. 

For further information please ...

From: Cannabis Business Executive, click here to view the full article.

On December 17, 2020, both houses of New Jersey’s legislature passed companion bills to create a new regulatory framework to govern the cultivation, processing, distribution and sale of state legal marijuana.  The bill is expected to be promptly signed into law by Governor Murphy. This law will give effect to the constitutional amendment passed by New Jersey voters on November 3, 2020 to legalize personal use cannabis.

New Jersey’s adult use law provides opportunities for separate licenses for ...

NJ Senate and Assembly committees have now voted in favor of moving the personal use cannabis bills to full votes of the Legislature on Thursday December 17, 2020.  If passed on Thursday, it is expected that Governor Murphy will sign the bill into law soon thereafter.  A copy of the amended bill will be posted on our website as soon as it is made available.

According to the bill, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission will have 180 days to release its rules and then begin accepting applications for licensure.

Please contact Sean Mack at or 201.270.4919 for ...

In a historic vote, the US House of Representatives voted 228-164 in favor of the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act.

The MORE Act would decriminalize marijuana at the national level by removing it from the controlled substances list.  The Act would impose a 5% federal tax on marijuana sales to fund various services for individuals negatively impacted by the war on drugs.  The MORE Act also would authorize the Small Business Administration to provide SBA loans to state legal cannabis entities, which would provide a needed source of lower cost financing for ...

On November 3, 2020, voters in New Jersey passed a constitutional amendment legalizing the possession and use of marijuana by individuals over the age of 21. The New Jersey Legislature is now attempting to pass legislation to make that amendment a reality. If passed, the new law will essentially create a new protected category under New Jersey employment discrimination law.

The proposed bill contains two important provisions for New Jersey employers.

1) The bill would make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an individual because that person uses cannabis unless the ...

From: Cannabis Business Executive, click here to view the full article.

Within six days after voters approved the referendum to legalize cannabis in New Jersey, companion legislation was introduced and then passed through the initial committees in both the General Assembly and the Senate to formalize the legalization of adult use cannabis. Senators Scutari introduced Senate bill S-21 “New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act” and Representatives Quijano, Holley, Timberlake, McKnight, Danielsen introduced ...

From: Cannabis Business Executive, click here to view the full article.

Three days after New Jersey voters approved a referendum to legalize adult use marijuana, New Jersey’s Governor announced the appointment of the leaders of the newly forming Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). The creation of the CRC was called for under New Jersey’s amended medical cannabis act adopted in 2019 but had not yet been established. The CRC will regulate all aspects of medical cannabis in New Jersey and is expected to take on regulation of adult use cannabis once legislation is passed.

Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations

Monday, November 9, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Due to the public health emergency, the State House Annex remains closed to visitors.

The public may not attend the Committee meeting in person but may view and participate in the meeting via the New Jersey Legislature home page at

The Committee will take oral testimony on bills, by telephone and video.

If you are interested in registering your position with the Committee, please fill out the Registration Form located on the New Jersey Legislature Home Page under the ...

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