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    Marc M. Yenicag is counsel in the firm’s Litigation and Criminal Defense practices. Marc focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation and white-collar criminal defense. He has experience handling all phases of ...

Today, the New Jersey Supreme Court rendered an opinion in State v. Michael Olenowski fundamentally changing how New Jersey courts will now evaluate the admissibility of expert evidence under New Jersey Rules of Evidence in criminal and quasi-criminal cases. 

Prior to the Court’s decision, when evaluating the admissibility of expert evidence in criminal cases, New Jersey courts applied what is referred to as the Frye standard.  That standard required that courts assess only whether the subject of expert testimony was “generally accepted” by the scientific ...

At the forefront of any argument against legalization of marijuana are concerns that legalization will lead to an increase in DWI’s and traffic accidents. New Jersey’s recent push to legalize recreational use of Marijuana has recently garnered similar arguments from New Jersey State Senator Joe Pennacio. Several studies set out to determine whether these concerns were warranted. One such study was conducted by the American Journal of Public Health (“AJPH”).

The AJPH researchers analyzed federal data on fatal car crashes from 2009 to 2015. The AJPH, “found no ...

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