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Today, the New Jersey Supreme Court rendered an opinion in State v. Michael Olenowski fundamentally changing how New Jersey courts will now evaluate the admissibility of expert evidence under New Jersey Rules of Evidence in criminal and quasi-criminal cases. 

Prior to the Court’s decision, when evaluating the admissibility of expert evidence in criminal cases, New Jersey courts applied what is referred to as the Frye standard.  That standard required that courts assess only whether the subject of expert testimony was “generally accepted” by the scientific ...

During the February 8, 2023, meeting of the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) provided some much awaited details about its plans to provide grants to cannabis entrepreneurs.  The NJEDA announced that it has approved two Pilot programs for cannabis businesses, which are claimed to be the most generous state grant program for cannabis businesses in the country.

One program will provide up to $150,000 to 24 grant winners and the second program will provide up to $250,000 to 24 grant winners.  Applicants can only receive one of the two ...

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