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Keep an Eye on Local Ordinances

A recent poll by Quinnipiac University found that while approximately 62% of New Jersey residents are in favor of fully legalizing marijuana, only roughly 50% want it to be sold within their towns. 45% affirmatively said they do not want it in their towns. So far, at least 30 towns in New Jersey have passed laws to ban cannabis businesses.… Read more

The Benefits of Arbitration for Business-to-Business Disputes

The cost of resolving contractual business-to-business disputes, including any judgments owed, fees for lawyers, experts, and vendors, and opportunity costs can be considerable. We are often asked by our clients whether arbitration is a good alternative to litigating a dispute in court. Based on our experience as counsel in both litigation and arbitration, and Justice Stein's position as an arbitrator in a significant number of disputes, we believe arbitration can be a less expensive, faster alternative if conducted correctly.… Read more

Trump Battered by Legal Adversity on Two Fronts

With the stunning fury of powerful right cross followed by a devastating left hook, Donald Trump was staggered by developments on two separate legal fronts. This one-two combination occurred within the space of one hour in two separate federal court rooms in Alexandria, Virginia and New York City, hundreds of miles apart.… Read more

If Cohen Cooperates against Trump, will it be a Gamechanger?

The battle lines between the Michael Cohen forces and the Donald Trump forces have begun to be drawn with no truce in sight. Extensive media reports and the recent conduct of the parties suggest that Michael Cohen has "crossed the Rubicon" and is more than willing to cooperate and testify against his former client, Donald Trump.… Read more

New Jersey to Issue 6 New Medical Dispensary Licenses

Currently, there are six alternative treatment centers (aka medical marijuana dispensaries) in New Jersey, but that number is soon to double. On July 16, 2018, the New Jersey Department of Health Division of Medicinal Marijuana issued a Request for Applications for up to six more medical dispensaries. The six licenses will be divided evenly throughout the state: two in the northern region, two in central region, and two in the southern region.… Read more