Estate Planning: Preparing a Letter of Instruction

As the global pandemic stretches into its fourth month, many of you are turning your attention to your estate plan. While the primary focus is having in place an up-to-date Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive (in New Jersey) or Health Care Proxy and Living Will (in New York), part of your planning should include a detailed Letter of Instruction.… Read more

Racial Healing Begins By Admitting Our Schools Are Segregated

Our state and nation have been devastated by the combined anguish caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the ruthless killing of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. Both have disproportionately affected Black Americans. But there is a profound difference between these two events. The pandemic is the first of its kind in over 100 years. The murder of George Floyd is only the latest in a mind-numbing sequence of unjustified killings of Black men and women in the custody of white police officers.… Read more

Flexibility is Key – Disclaimer Trust Planning

In planning for your estate, as in planning for life, the thing to remember is that change is inevitable. The change may be to your family circumstances or to the gift and estate tax regime, but, one thing is for certain, change will come! While we may not be able to see the future, we can implement planning with an eye on flexibility in case circumstances look different when your planning needs to be implemented from when your estate plan was created.… Read more