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OPRA: An Important Tool In The Construction Industry's Toolbox

From obtaining land use approvals to submitting bids to build public projects, the construction industry interacts with the government perhaps more than any other industry. The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) can be an important tool from the early planning stages of a project to disputes that arise after a project is completed.… Read more

New Jersey Hemp Farming Act

Lost amidst the cannabis news last week indicating that adult use marijuana may be heading to a voter referendum in 2020 while medical marijuana likely will expand this year, the Senate introduced legislation to establish NJ's hemp program.… Read more

Dems' Strategy Towards the Mueller Report Reminiscent of Dreaded Prevent Defense

Ask any football fan – particularly a Giants' fan – about their worst experiences in watching a pro football game, and most will tell you it is when their team squanders a lead by going into the prevent defense late in the game. To those who are not football fans, the prevent defense is a defensive alignment where the defense late in the game seeks to prevent the offense from scoring a touchdown or completing a long pass on a single play by allowing short gains in the hope that the clock will run out before the offensive team overcomes their lead.… Read more

Lawsuit Challenges Essex County Prosecutor's Refusal to Disclose Police Videos and Name of Newark Officer Who Fatally Shot Fleeing Motorist

Last week, CJ Griffin filed an OPRA lawsuit on behalf of Richard Rivera against the Essex County Prosecutor's Office (ECPO) relating to its refusal to disclose the name of a Newark police officer who shot at a fleeing vehicle during a pursuit in January 2019, killing the driver and injuring the passenger. The lawsuit also seeks access to footage from police body-worn cameras and dash cameras.… Read more

Mueller Report Contains Devastating Evidence of Obstruction of Justice by Trump

Put aside the unprofessional and unethical summary of the Mueller Report by Attorney General Barr almost two weeks ago because it is a distraction. Put aside the outright lies by Donald Trump that he was exonerated by the Mueller Report because it's a distraction. And let's have the self-discipline to put aside the pathetic attempt by Attorney General Barr to do a Roy Cohn imitation yesterday and mount a defense of Donald Trump.… Read more